Your Dreams Belong to YOU!

YourDreamsYour dreams belong to you. That spark that ignites you and inspires you is unique to only you. What you are here to do and who you really are is not for anyone else, just you.

Don't expect others to fully understand them or even to support them. I know it sounds hash, but it is true. Not everyone will believe in you or what you want to achieve in your life. In fact, there may even be those who seek to sabotage your efforts. That's ok it's not their dream or vision. It belongs to you and it is for you to believe it and achieve.

I was on a recent coaching call and I was saddened that one of my clients was so distraught. Seems they found out the hard way that not everyone will support what you want to do or what your dream is. They had shared with someone who decided they would tell the person all of the logical reasons why they shouldn't do this or that and why they felt this person was not “qualified”. I can just imagine how it must have been for my client standing on wobbly legs half excited and half scared about the pending launch; just bursting to tell someone! Then turning to a trusted advisor only to be shredded to bits and be left in a pile of rubble questioning their very existence.

To take a leap of faith and venture into the unknown. To decide to take the reins of your life and build your own revenue stream takes a great deal of courage. Sure it can get pretty scary out there and we may crave the support of others. But you cannot expect others to fully support and understand. They may not mean to hurt you, but their nature is to want security and comfort and predictability for themselves and for others. Then there are those who feel it's their job to keep everyone in their place. And even worse are the ones who want to make themselves feel better by making others feel less (run away from this dynamic).

Bottom line folks, you are on your journey and no one, outside of you, has the power to take that away or divert you from your course.

Oh, what happened to my client? With a little positive support they were able to shake it off and reignite that spark. In fact, I was able to walk them through a self discovery process that helped them gain a deeper insight. They are moving forward with renewed conviction.

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