Who you really are will shine through to all of those around you including your perspective customers, whether you want it to or not! So when you are building your customer relationships, you may want to take the simplest approach and just BE YOU. They're going to find it out eventually. 


Never underestimate the power of a moment and a casual conversation with your customer. . If you want to attract customers and hold their attention, then be yourself and let your light shine.  I was reminded of this very thing on more than one occasion recently.  I had two of my customers come back to me and start their conversation with “I remember what you said when….” and “it made me think”…” and that really helped me out when….”

Personally, I did not recall the conversation details. I do know they were candid and extemporaneous. I was simply being me, un-rehearsed and  un-scripted, just my normal  goofy self. I wasn't trying to be overly clever or to impress. I wasn't trying to sell someone on a concept or an idea or a product. We were simply two humans having a conversation.  So why did this leave such a lasting impression with my customers? One word: Real.  By being real with my customer, I was able to positively impact their life.

It had nothing to with the product, it had everything to do with my customers and their lives. I was engaged with what they had going on and in relating to them from one human to the other. This is how I was able to leave a lasting impression. By being authentic, they did not feel on guard so they could relax and let down their guard just a little. Just enough for them to get to Know Like and Trust me. For any sustainable business, this should always be your goal, to establish authentic relationships with your customers by being who you are. Just be you.

No matter how clever you think you may be, people are eventually going to see your authentic self so you might want to start the business relationship that way. It will save you time and money in the long run. Especially if you plan on building a longer term sustainable business.  Of course you can build a short term fast and furious business  and you won't need to worry about being authentic since you won't be around them long enough for them to figure it. But then, if that is the type of business you are building you really wouldn't be taking the time to read this post.

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