VIP All Access to Change your lifeWhat if you had a 30 day pass to create real change in your life? Someone gave you an “All Access Pass” to do whatever you needed to do to make a real and significant difference for your life. Whether it is personal development, personal relationships, professional career, business training, leadership skills, spiritual, learning, etc…. Basically, any area of your life the you would want to effect a change (small or large) to propel yourself forward. What would you do?

I had the opportunity to attend an event recently and it really had me thinking about the great “What if”. So many times people think they have no opportunity or that time has passed by or they lack knowledge or any number of excuses we can use. Then we longingly say “What if….. and dream about what could be. But this is where we often stop ourselves. We get so caught up in the long term goal that we lose focus on the here and now. But now is where you give birth to the future.

So how do you begin to change the “What If” to the “What IS”. I am giving you your VIP 30 Day All Access Pass no charge, no hooks, no secrets. This is your 30 day free pass to start to make your What If a What IS. Here is what you need to do next:

  • Create the vision of where you want to be in 6 months.
  • Pick an area or two that you want to create dramatic and lasting change in.
  • Work out your plan.
  • Take immediate action.
  • Spend 10 minutes in meditation Either a standing or sitting pose, and think on your vision as if you were already there. Personally I like to take the standing Yoga or first step Tai Chi pose.

Don't try to change everything all at once. Just pick a couple of things and sometimes you will find other things fall into place naturally. For example if one of your goals is to get fit and shed some pounds (or gain them). Trust me, if you pick getting fit the diet will fall into place. It's hard to do cardio kick boxing on a full belly of junk food. The thought of greasy pizza and power cycling…. I don't think so! If you picked trimming down, then I can assure you as the pounds eliminate you will feel better and move more naturally. Your body wants to move naturally. Lift the weights and you'll be wanting to strut that stuff in no time. And, if you are needing to bulk up and gain weight I'm sure you will be power lifting at night to get those HGH's going.

Maybe your goal is to grow your business online. Same thing applies. Some actions just naturally lead to others. If you start growing your social circle by creating some content and you start to get to know your audience by actively reading their comments and posts and interacting with them, you will get better at reaching more people since you will be more aware of their needs. You will naturally start to create better content. It's a full circle. But I will caution you to pick one maybe two social channels to really work on. If you try to pick too many you will do them all half ass. How do you pick the one for you? Here is some sage advice 🙂

So what actions will you be taking in the next thirty days? Fell free to share them below.

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