The first step to create the business of your dreams

journeyJLSWhen you are first venturing out in business, just like in life, it can seem overwhelming. Just remember, business is built one step at a time and the first step is the most important one. Everything else is just follow through.

There may be many “firsts” you will encounter as you get going, and there are certainly a number of fantastic foundation pieces you will be putting in place. But there is one that trumps all the others. One step that can mean everything, and I mean everything, to you future success.

So what is the first step? Odd as it may seem, the first step in creating the business of your dreams is creating a clear vision of where you want to be. The vision needs to be as detailed as you can make it. Color, sight, sound, scent, taste. A full three dimensional vision as if you were already there. It's more than a dream board, although *dream boards can be nice to have. The vision you need to create is as close to reality as you can possibly make it. Imaging the sights around you, the sounds you hear, the scent in the air, the feelings and emotions you have when in this reality you created.

Do you have the vision? What color do you see? Is there a color that stands out to you? What sound do you hear? Do you hear music? Laughter? The sound of waves on the shore? The breeze rustling the trees?  What is the scent around you? Floral, forest, ocean, citrus?  Is the air soft and warm or crisp and cool? What are the shapes around you?  Whatever you can do to cement this vision and make it personal to you, the better for you. This vision is what will help carry you forward especially when times are tough, and there will be some tough spots.

The point is to create a vision so vivid and so real to you that you cannot help but get there. It becomes as natural as breathing.  There may be times you are sprinting times you are climbing,  and times you may feel  like you are hardly moving at all. Don't panic, as long as you keep forward momentum, you can't help but get to where you want to be. Eventually.

If you have never worked on a detailed unshakable vision for your business and you want to make sure you have this very important piece in place, I have created a self paced workshop you can do on-line in cracks of time, based on my work with others. You can find it here: Creating Your Unshakable Vision

*What is a dream board? It's a poster board where you would paste images from magazines that represent your ideal life.

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