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SuccessHabitThere are lots of people who are successful in life. In fact you may even be one of them. Since you are reading this, I would even say you are one of them. But there are those shining stars who make to the higher echelons of success. The people in the High Success category.  They are balanced mind body and spirit. They have achieved their financial goals while keeping their health and well being intact. You could say the move through with ease and a peace of mind. With grace and confidence that cannot be broken.Turns out, they all have similar habits. I wrote down the top 5 for you.

One of my best strengths is my ability to observe and understand others. I am truly interested in people, not to change who they are but to really understand them. You can learn so much just by observing and paying attention. We all develop behaviors and these behaviors produce results (whether you want them to or not). These actions become so automatic that they are habits we don't really “think” about. They become as automatic as breathing. Really this is the definition of habit, a behavior that has become so ingrained that is habitual. You cannot not do the action.

Chances are you have several habits you aren't even aware of. You have done them so long that they are so practiced and automatic they go un-noticed by you.  These habitual actions will, with a certain level of predictability, take you in a direction. If you have a habit of sitting about eating junk food it will catch up to you in one way or another. You will end up with physical dis-ease in some form. If you practice the habits of an endurance runner, you will eventually be a successful endurance runner. It is really simple Action = Reaction.Just like Newton's third law “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction” ..

So what if we looked at the habits of the High Success people? Can we learn behaviors that will change our degree of success in life? Can a new action change our direction in life? I believe we can. Especially if we accept that Action = Reaction. We are not so hard wired that we cannot evolve by  learning and adapting new behaviors. People do it all of the time. Ask anyone who quit an addictive behavior, say like smoking or drugs or drinking excessively.

It's just a matter of finding the habits that are common among High Success people and do the same in your life. Each and every day until it is as natural as breathing.

P.S. You can go pick up my Top 5 Habits list and start acting “as if” right now.

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