Step One to transforming your dreams into reality

Step one, find someone to help guide you

Fist_Step_Dream BusinessI was not the poster child for endurance sports. Trust me, if you were recruiting people to go do a marathon, I would have never been on your call list. Ever! But I made it on to someone's list and somehow this simple invitation awoke a warrior in me. I signed up before I ever thought about it. I committed. I made the decision. That decision was final and I was not turning back. Have you ever done that? Decided to push out of the normal and take a leap of faith to make a difference in your life like running a marathon or maybe start a business.

Once I committed and decided, then came the realization that a Marathon is 26.2 miles! Yes, MILES. My first thought was “Oh Shit!” What did I get myself into? There was no turning back now. I had my ticket in hand so…. But how am I supposed to get ready? I had never run a day in my life so I had no idea where to begin. I had no idea if I was going to ever be able to go the distance or how long it would take to get there if I could do it.

First step, Find a person who has gone before you. I had to find a person who had finished a full marathon. A mentor or coach or trainer. They are all similar in nature with only subtle differences. Most people interchange the terms. What ever they call themselves the role they play in your life can greatly impact your future success and make the way a bit smoother. This step applies to you for business growth as well as personal growth. Find a person or a group that can help guide you along the way.

Grant it, your journey will be your own in life and in business. All the experiences will have a unique factor that is you. But, chances are the destination you are trying to reach, others have gone before you and some of the roadblocks have already been overcome by others. Leveraging their experience can be the gap between success and failure for you. Coaching mentors may have had varying degrees of personal success along the way and they may have had different strategies to reach their goal. But don't let thier achievements cloud your judgment or mislead you. Develop a selection criteria of what type of coaching mentor you are looking for, one that will work to fit your needs. It really does boil down to start somewhere with someone who can help provide guidance or accountability for you. Don't worry if you find you need to change coaches along the way. As our skills change and as our targets change, we may need to change coaches. That's okay.

The other thing you need to do is to tap into a mindset or mind share group. Find a group of dynamic people who are on a similar path as you. When I was training for marathons I joined a running club, joined on-line forums, and found a person who had ran marathons.. When I wanted to move my businesses to on-line e-commerce, I joined a team of marketers who had the knowledge and the skills I needed. In addition, they came with a full education platform that could teach me on-line marketing tactics. What to do and how to do what it takes to move my companies forward. The rest is up to me to learn how to take my skills and digitize them for the electronic universe.

In both cases they made all the difference in the world to me and my success.

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