Plans & Programs

Plans to fit your needs

While we may all have similar desires; to build a successful and sustainable company. We don't all have the same needs. That is why I designed a plans that can flex with your needs. Providing you just the right amount of assistance where and when you need it.   My particular areas of expertise are in Operations, Sales, and Marketing with an emphasis in branding and leadership development.

If you need someone in your corner who can support your changing needs as you grow, then One on One coaching may be right for you.

Perhaps you have a project that you just need to turn over to an expert to get it done for you, then the Project Plan would be for you.

Are you looking to have unlimited access to an expert coach, then the All Access Pass plan would be the best one for you.

Marketing That Ignites and Sparks

A good marketing plan gets you attention, but a great marketing plan lights sparks. Is your marketing igniting others? I work with you to customize a marketing plan designed around you and your business that will speak to your target audience. By aligning your content with your target, you can fine tune so that what you say sparks a fire in your audience.

Marketing Sparks

Content Editing and Creation

Everyone could use a skilled Editor and once in a while we all need an Autor to help out too.

You have content but is your content clear, concise, relatable, and most importantly; is it consistent with your brand? This is where I can help edit your curated and created content to make sure it's on point with your target.

But what about those times when you are really feeling stuck. When you can't think of the right words to say. Maybe you are stuck or maybe your creativity just isn't in creating captivating messages. There is nothing to be ashamed of, not everyone can write marketing and add copy all the time. I can help you.

Editing & Authoring

The Art of Sales

Eventually we all learn, you cannot build your business without selling! It wont happen, but did you know there is an art to sales? Sure there are formula's but did you know you can shape and mold them to work with you instead of being awkward and clumsy? I can help you develop your personal sales method and strategy and get you unstuck.

Master Sales

One on One Coaching

“Behind every great achiever there is a coach in the shadows.Someone in your corner to help push you through the tough spots.”

You may not notice it, but every person who ever achieved significant goal in their lives had a coach (or several along their journey).at some point. The coach is the one who pushes you to breakthrough your barriers and achieve what you are capable of doing. They are the ones who can see your true potential even if you can't and they are the ones who can help you realize your power. A coach will also hold you accountable to your vision. .

Coach Me

Do it for me


“I have a project I need more detailed help with. I need you to take it over until I can gain control again.”

If this is you, you aren't alone. We all run into times where the work may feel like it is too much to get done or we lack the expertise to accomplish the work. It's times like these we want to have a resource we can rely on with confidence. Someone who can come in and make sure the work gets done the right way in the right time. Or perhaps it's a project that you want to be mentored with at every step so you can gain the skills to do it on your own. That is when you need a Short Term Project consultant.


All Access Pass


“I just need some one on one guidance from time to time and a sounding board to help sort through ideas.”

If this is you, then the All Access Pass is probably just the ticket for you. This gives you the ultimate in flexibility and spot coaching where and when you need it. No need to watch the clock, for one flat fee you can reach out to me whenever you need me and you will have unlimited access to any of my private tools and trainings for any self guided work you want to do.


All Access Pass