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horizonachievementAs you come into the beginning of a space in time, a milestone marker on your journey, it's common to only set goals for the future. Talking and thinking about the things you need to change. Focusing your vision and intention on the future state so it can pull you forward. There is nothing wrong with this, and in fact I often recommend you do this on a daily basis. But during this time you can also take a moment to look behind you, rather than only focusing on things you want (future goals). Your wins from the past are just as important for your future as they show you clues on how to achieve your ultimate long term goals. Celebrate what you have achieved and add the actions you took to realize them to your future plans.

It's a simple shift of the mind to focus on what you did “right” rather than all of the failures or shortfalls. Heck, you will never be perfect and you will never be always right so expect to fall down and scrape your knees and expect to be wrong a time or two. It happens to everyone and it makes us all stronger.

I don't know if you ever watch TV or if you are a fan of reality shows. There are a couple that I find very intriguing and inspiring so I watch them from time to time. There is/was one show that had partners running around the world playing a time sensitive game. They had to follow clues and figure things out as they were racing forward (if you have been in business for more than 5 minutes you know what that is like).  There was no time to spend dwelling and contemplating as they had a great deal of ground to cover and they were racing against time. There are many lessons to learn from this game, but one of the key observations and morals of every contestant couples story, from the race winners to the first fall outs, is that they all had errors but they recovered. Even if those errors caused their elimination, they did not linger long on those. Just enough time to understand and move forward.

disintegration-1819860_1920They also learned very quickly what worked well. Each day, as they started the next leg of the journey, they focused on what worked and what each person's strength was.  The winning attitude they developed was to do more of what worked and try to keep the screw ups to a minimum.

So as you plan and adjust your sails for building your sustainable business, don't forget to look back and say “Yes! More of _____ !” Keep the positive and do more of that in the next leg of your journey. Sure, you can also try to keep the screw ups to a minimum.

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