toolbox_JLSA tool is just a tool. They are important in order to build anything, but they are tools and there is usually more than one tool to get the job done. Social media sites are tools, that's it, just tools to help us build our business' by expanding our social reach. And just like building tools, there are several social media tools you can use.

Every once in a while I hear people saying they don't like this or they don't like that social site. Or this site works better than that site. Some even take the conspiracy approach and insist the owners of a social media channel have it “out for them”. The tool doesn't know you even though you may feel like it does.

When there are a billion plus users, do you really think they know you? These sites operate on auto pilot using sniffing algorithms. These sniffers make logic decisions based on input then send alerts based on rules programmed in. Every once in a while, someone trips the algorithm and they may land themselves themselves in a suspended mode or in some form of probation. While it hasn't happened to me yet, I am sure it will one day.

But the key thing is to keep your cool. Don't get upset frustrated or p'd off because it is just a tool. No, they are not out to get you. If you end up in a time out just focus on other tools and other channels while you do the time for whatever crime they think you did. If, for some reason, you get voted off the island, then switch to another channel. You can always figure out a way to get back in later on.

A wise person once told me “Don't get upset unless your name is on the shingle”. What that means is if you don't own the tool then don't get emotional about it. It's just a tool and today's world, you have so many media channels to communicate through that you won't run out! Stock your toolbox with as many tools as you can. Digital real estate doesn't cost anything

If you plan on building on-line you will want to be in a channel or two or three or four or….. The main thing is to test a few and find what works the best for you.

But don't get to comfortable or confident there unless you own the tool and the channel because things can change on a dime.

And one more note; don't give up or abandon a channel completely/. You may find your interest in a channel can change over time and with experience. Ones you thought you could not live without may turn into ones you have no interest in and ones you thought would never work, turn into gold mines for you down the road.

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