How to Write an About Page

Ugh! The infamous “About Me Page”. Just about every website and blog has one. Probably the hardest content you can ever write is your about page! Especially if you are shy or if you are a self proclaimed social misfit or an introvert. Personally I don't care to write them either. I don't even like the question in conversations! When I am asked, they usually get a blank stare back from me.


The conversation goes something like this:

 Person: “So tell me about yourself.” (putting me on the spot)

Me: blank stare…. (like a deer caught in the headlights) yet my internal dialog is usually “What do you want to know? In relation to what? How much do you want to know? What are you trying to find out? How far back do I go? Why are you asking? and on and on…” On the outside, if they are still standing there, my response is usually a laugh with a response that brushes away the question.

Most of the time, this is how we all end up writing our “About” page. We attack it from the position of “defending our lives”. You see, traditionally, this is where most people place a “resume” and list all of their achievements and accomplishments and accolades. For companies, same thing usually led by the mission statement. Sure, that's great if you have an impressive “resume”. But what if you don't? Or you don't feel like you do, or that just doesn't matter to you? And, after all, does it really matter for the Entrepreneur?

I was on a coaching call with one of my clients and I was inspired to write this post to help you as well. I flipped the script for them and I hope to do the same for you. My client has been working with me in creating their foundation for their business and they are well on their way. They had been in the re-design phase of their business and their website and all of their social media.  They were on a role and the transformation is thrilling. For the first time, they felt at home on their website as each page transformed with them. They knew exactly what they stand for and what they are here to bring forward for others. Then came the revamp of their “About” page. The one they had was so not who they are and what they are about.

So let's talk and get real about: How to write an authentic About Page you can be proud of (and live every day).

I could go list my degrees, my professional career, and the fact that for the past decade I have owned and run my own self funded companies.

But does that really matter?

30336597804_67f2096dd6_hNo! My achievements have little to nothing to do with yours and my bank account or sales volume don't either (at least it shouldn't). I know there are people who would disagree with this, but I often find the objections are self serving in the end. If you have ever been coached in athletics, the best coaches were not the ones who got the gold medal, they were the ones who pulled out the greatness in others. They worked behind the scenes to help develop the future gold medalists.

Does it really tell you anything?

Somewhat, but not really.  It can drop clues about me, but it doesn't tell you the really important parts. You might guess at some things (like my tenacity), but the picture of how it is (or is not) relevant for you does not show up in the model.  In fact, this can really backfire if you get too braggadocios. I don't know if you have ever tried, but it is very difficult to work with a braggart and frankly, when I see a long litany of achievements I wonder if they have the ability to set themselves aside to serve me.

So what does matter about me?

You! That's it, pure and simple. You matter.

People who work with me work with me because they desire a solid foundation for their business (and yes their life). They are on an individual  journey to grow personally and professionally.  When they read “About” me, they are reading from the personal perspective of how it relates to them. Are we in alignment? Can I add value for them? Can I help them achieve the goals they have in their life and business?

So when you write your own “About” page, flip the script and make it about the audience. The people you serve, the ones you want to attract, your tribe. Write about them. Speak to them. Even if you have no followers yet, speak to the ones that will come.

So here is your handy 5 point checklist to write by:

  1. Lead with the recipient in mind. You know who they are
  2. Guide with transparency. Be your authentic self.
  3.  Write as if you were talking to a friend. Your words should flow from your natural diction
  4. Show your values. What is important for you is probably going to hit their top ten as well.
  5. Tell the truth. They will find out eventually so honesty up front is the best policy.

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