GetOverItYou will never get “over it” so stop trying! Besides, that's not the point of it. Ever notice how we walk “through” the forest? We don't try to get over the trees. We would miss all of the benefits of experiencing the full beauty of the forest if we went over it.

I don't know why people think they need to get over life events or why anyone would ever tell them to.  I am sure the intention of someone saying “get over it” is their attempt to tell  you not to linger in pain and suffering. Over is defined as above, on, upon, and even covering. But “Over” is a form of avoidance since you are not resolving anything. You aren't learning from it and if you aren't resolving and learning then the chances are higher that you will continue to meet the same challenges repeatedly until you learn.

sequoia-274158_1920 Plants take root in order to thrive and grow. They must dig into the earth not lay over the earth. The tallest tree on the planet is the Sequoia Semperviren or Coastal Redwood. Towering over 300 feet, their roots may go only as deep as 6 feet but they may span as wide as a football field.

Now I am not one to linger in the past, but I had my share of trials and tribulation in my life and I am certain I will have trials in my future. That is life. I used to think “oh I need to get over this or that” But the truth is, no matter what I would do there it was. Sometimes those challenges would rise up again and again almost relentless. One day I finally realized. I would never get over them and that wasn't the point. The point was to learn from and work through the challenge and resolve for a solution. This is where the strength comes and this is a big part of your unique identity and what gives you the ability to help others. .

Sequoia_sempervirens_Big_Basin_Redwoods_State_Park_5 The Coastal Redwoods first showed up during the Jurassic period. The oldest living Redwood  today is well over 2,200 years old. There are  2 ways to start a Redwood; seed or sapling. In order to  have a seed take root, it must go through a fire.

No matter who you are, you will go through difficult times as well as times of great joy. Peaks and valleys. We will all go through it. We don't all go through the same thing and even if we did go through the same thing, we don't all grasp the same lessons. But here is the thing, if you go through them, not over or around or under, but through them then you will come out stronger on the other side . That is the point after all. To go through a challenge and come out of it stronger and wiser on the other side.

RedwoodForest Once a tree takes root and grows, it  strengthens itself  though climate changes, forest fires, times of drought,  and any number of biological predators.

As we come into our full potential these life lessons come in to support us with strength and conviction.   You may not know why at the time as some of life lessons aren't called upon until much later. When I was a child, I had no way to know the painful events would give me such strength years later. Working through the challenges required that I let go of the pain and the suffering.  I had to clear the negative feelings in order to find the positive life lessons. These experiences that would be called upon much later in life sprung from those painful events all the way back to my childhood.

RedwoodFireSproutRS_000 A mature Redwood can sprout buds that  will grow into full trees. Or if a branch drops,  trees can grow from that branch. And those trees  can do the same. so you can see how the one tree  can end up host to an entire colony of trees.  Unlike the Aspen of Colorado,  the Redwoods develop their own roots,  but they are tightly integrated which gives them added protection.

So rather than trying to get over it, start learning from it and growing through it. You will come out stronger and more rooted into who you are and what you are here to do and offer.


Did you get the parallel story of the tree? Dig in and take root to weather any challenge. Learn and grow from it then go out and help to strengthen others from the lessons you gained.


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