Ever feel yourself being stuck? Not sure which way to go?


Getting into a rut is not uncommon, it happens to us all from time to time. The important thing is to not stay there for too long. How long is okay, well that depends on you and why you are in a static state. If I am facing a growth challenge that is particularly challenging or complex, then staying in limbo may be what is called for. Or how about those times right after a huge amount of activity? Being a little stuck after a massive burst is not unusual. You may feel like all of your creativity is tapped and you need time to just hang in limbo suspended from taking any action.

As an independent business owner, every moment of my day counts. So even if I am in a momentary state of suspended animation, I'm going to take advantage of the time.  You can end up gaining a great deal of benefit in hanging in the void for a short time. Nothing wrong with using your time in limbo land to take care of some administrative tasks or other manual tasks that don't require creativity or too much brain power. Things we can almost do on autopilot gives our creativity a chance to recharge. But just don't stay stuck in limbo for any longer than you must.

So what do you do to break free when you are ready to go but you can't seem to move?

Try an unconventional approach to free up your mind. Changing things up can cause a ripple effect and is a great way to jolt yourself out of the mud. Here are a few of my favorite tricks

Fasting – preferably a full on fast with only water. It is amazing how much clarity you can get when you strip everything away. There have been periods of time in my life where I would fast once a week.  A full 24 hours with only water. It was so nice to be liberated and I always marveled at the amount of energy I felt.

Get outside – find a patch of nature to explore and find respite in. We tend to get stuck in the office in more ways than one so go outside. Take a walk in the park or hike a day trail or even walking around a really nice neighborhood or office park. Take along an app or a book of the flora and try to identify trhe plants you see and what they are known for.

Go see a movie – Yes, I went from endurance training to totally vegging out in a movie theater. Notice I did say go to a movie theater and see a movie, not plop on your coach and watch a movie. There is something about a quiet movie theater that allows you to fully disengage and immerse yourself in another world.

For the more extreme –

Run it out – Ok well you might not be ready to run so you may need to modify this one. The point is to do a fitness activity aggressively. Endurance over a long period of time is best. Think like a Marathon runner or any endurance athlete. There is a place all runners hit where the world falls away and it is only the sound of the blood pushing through your veins and the oxygen filling your lungs and you are in a state of “oneness” with your entire being. Nothing exists but the foot fall that is coming, then the next, the next, and so on.

Jump out of a plane – OK that's too bold for me, but some folks really like the danger activities and this might just be the thing for you. You may also try bungee jumping or zip lining. For a cheaper and more toned down version, hit the amusement park. They have rides there that are designed to get you going.

No matter which action you choose to try, the point is to do an action or activity the gets you physically and mentally out of the normal environment. Once you are out of your element then you can free yourself to see things from a fresh perspective. One trip should get you unstuck. If not, then maybe you need to ask yourself why you are stuck in the first place and why you may want to be stuck?

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