Gaining the Confidence to Jump

ConfidenceJumpWe all have our futures in our own hands. Jump or don't jump, the choice is yours to make. Our fates are created in the choices we make every day in the instant we make them. No matter how little or how small they all play a role in our future. it won't always seem so drastic and dramatic as jumping off a high cliff into deep dark water or jumping out a perfectly safe airplane. But sometimes it might.

So how does a sky diver or a cliff diver have the confidence to do it? How do they do it with ease? Why are they smiling? And why in the heck would they do it again?!

I can tell you in one word: Confidence

But how do you think they got that confidence? Turns out they went through the same steps we all go through. At some point they made a decision about what they wanted. You might have done the same. Maybe it was to start your own company or build a business on the side part time for a little nest egg. Or maybe you decided you wanted to advance your career or just change jobs. At some point you had decided you wanted more than the existing status quo.

Once you decide, there is no going back so it's on to the next important step; you need to come up with a plan. We can talk more about plans another time. Let's just put a pin it and know there has to be a plan that has a great deal of information with it. Before you ever jump out of a plane or free dive off of a 100 foot cliff, there are many steps and actions you're going to go through. No one in their right mind would just say “Hey I think I'll cliff jump from 100 feet right now” . So what do you think the first step in the plan would be? Research!

Research the sport and all of the variables. The styles, the techniques, the conditions to find the one that suits them the best or that they have the most interest in. All of this leads them to the next, and most critical action; finding others to learn from.

They find coaches and clubs and teams to join so they can learn the skills. The practice their developing skills in front of the advisors, get feedback, and make corrections. They do this over and over and over again until it becomes like second nature. Once they are ready they have gained the confidence they need to safely (and joyfully) take that big jump. Their experience and the feedback from others has taught them they can trust the landing. They can let go of nervousness or insecurities. They have the confidence so they can enjoy the thrill and exhilaration, the sheer joy of the sport.

Business is no different. You make a decision to take action, work up a plan, you do your research, then you find someone or a group of someone's who can help guide you. The team you build around you can make all the difference in you gaining the confidence you need to thrive in building your business.

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