Develop Your Plan Before You Jump

DevelopPlanBefreJumpNo one would ever think of jumping out of a plane without a plan so why would you start a business or launch your career without one? I always find it fascinating when people just jump into one thing or the other or launch themselves without ever conceiving a plan. Even a half baked plan is better than nothing! Maybe we all need to take a lesson from sky divers. Would they ever recreation jump out of a plane without a plan? The answer is no.

Follow the plan that hits the zone

In sky diving they target a landing zone. This is where you are supposed to land at the end of your jump. It's all been planned out and timed to precision. All you need to do is follow the plan and you will have a fun jump that goes according to plan and avoid any land offs* or bounces.*

Sounds simple enough. Develop the plan and stick to it. Sure, to a seasoned veteran with many jumps under them but not for the novice. No one ever expects the beginner to develop the plan. There is a great deal that goes into a well developed plan from weather conditions, jump style, chute style,  type of plane, terrain for landing, to the jumpers themselves and all of their vital information .  It takes time and practice to be able to develop a solid plan for yourself.

When the margin for error is Zero

In sky diving the margin for error is so tight you might as well call it zero. Any error can result in serious injury or even death so you don't want to leave things to chance or make wild guesses. Your plan has to be well developed before you ever jump. In business we have a bit more latitude, but why not develop a plan that is solid and fool proof?

You can make your best guess and wing it. Worst case is failure but definitely not death. So why not let inspiration guide you? Well, if you want to wander around aimlessly and never get to your destination then no problem. But with the rest of us who want to achieve a goal, we need a plan to get there and chances are we would like to get there as soon as we possibly can because there are other goals we want to create and hit. We only have 24 hours in a day. There is no time  for wasting it on efforts that don't land you where you need to be.

Develop your plan before you jump  

Tandem_SkydiveSo if you have never jumped before, how are you supposed to be able to create a safe and effective plan for landing? You don't. You work with others who have gone before you and have done it so many times they can teach you how to do it and how to avoid mistakes they may have made along the way. Then you practice with experts who have your back. Literally and figuratively.  As your skill and knowledge grows so does your ability to tackle more and more complex jumps and plans. Eventually you can jump solo.

Who knows, one day, maybe you will want to pass on your learning to others. You may even be that tandem instructor one day where not only your life, but the lives of others is in your hands. You may get to be the one to introduce someone to the biggest thrill ever: Entrepreneurship.

*A Land Off is when you miss the landing zone. A Bounce is when you land to fast causing your body to bounce. This can result in severe injury or even fatality so you  never want to do this. Obviously!

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