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A friend of mine pointed me to a story of the Elwha River and the dam removal project. It is a very impressive story and I highly recommend you take a moment to read it. Here is the link for you: Elwha River Roaring back to life  The 45 mile of mountain river had been blocked from its natural flow by Hydro dams for over a century. Since the dam had been built over a century ago, they did not have the same environmental requirements so in addition to all of the other natural damage to the landscape, it blocked over 70 miles of natural spawning habitat. A small group of people pulled together to have the dam removed. Against all odds, they won the battle.

ElwhaLowerThey blew up the dam in 2011, the largest dam removal project in the world! In only 4 years it is amazing to see the transformation as nature returns to repair the years of damage. In only 4 years the fish population has been the highest they have seen in over 30 years. Birds are larger and healthier. There are so many more signs of rapid restoration but there was another point really struck me.
Nature had created (or rebuilt) an entire beach front to protect its shore. Grain by grain a sandy near shore was created. So, in case the significance didn't hit you since we aren't all “beach” people, a beach front  can reduce storm damage to coastal structures by dissipating energy across the surf zone, protecting upland structures and infrastructure from storm surges, tsunamis and unusually high tides. So a sandy beach is a pretty big deal to a natural habitat not just for us to build sand castles and hang out. Natures way of looking out for the habitat. .

So what does all this have to do with you striving to build your business? Tons! Imagine your journey to build your business is like the river. Just like nature, we have a natural flow or drive. Some may call it a purpose beyond our own existence,  a calling, a service, or just something we feel in our bones we were meant to do. Maybe it's as simple as just wanting to make a difference in a grander way than what your traditional job would allow. It's a drive that is deep in your core that when you follow it, you feel in balance. It's kind of like that little fire in your belly and you just have to follow it.

Just like the dam in the story of the river, there are obstacles preventing you from fully realizing your dreams. Some are blocks put in by our own design. When we are blocked by obstacles, by choice or circumstance, our world is redirected and the landscape of our life is changed to something that never feels “right”. Kind of like that j.o.b. we have all had or maybe you still have.

What dams do you have in your way blocking you or holding you back? Who put the dams there? Why are they there? Are you ready to let them go?

In life and in business, some dams are built for us, others are only started and we add to them, and others we put up ourselves.

Now. imagine the dams were blown up and the path were made clear for you to flow with your natural drive. You could build your landscape and make your dreams a reality. to follow your natural course. Resources flock to you in abundance and you have all the tools at your fingerElwha_returns tips. As you learn to master the tools and grow your skills, new ideas take root and grow. And as you grow and gain strength you provide support and abundance to others so they can follow their natural course. With each breath you breath in and exhale your eco-system grows stronger and you are adding a grain of sand to your own beach head.

I leave you with this quote:

“Big things can happen if people persevere,” ~ Mike McHenry, biologist with the Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe

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