What if…

VIP All Access to Change your lifeWhat if you had a 30 day pass to create real change in your life? Someone gave you an “All Access Pass” to do whatever you needed to do to make a real and significant difference for your life. Whether it is personal development, personal relationships, professional career, business training, leadership skills, spiritual, learning, etc…. Basically, any area of your life the you would want to effect a change (small or large) to propel yourself forward. What would you do?

I had the opportunity to attend an event recently and it really had me thinking about the great “What if”. So many times people think they have no opportunity or that time has passed by or they lack knowledge or any number of excuses we can use. Then we longingly say “What if….. and dream about what could be. But this is where we often stop ourselves. We get so caught up in the long term goal that we lose focus on the here and now. But now is where you give birth to the future.

So how do you begin to change the “What If” to the “What IS”. I am giving you your VIP 30 Day All Access Pass no charge, no hooks, no secrets. This is your 30 day free pass to start to make your What If a What IS. Here is what you need to do next:

  • Create the vision of where you want to be in 6 months.
  • Pick an area or two that you want to create dramatic and lasting change in.
  • Work out your plan.
  • Take immediate action.
  • Spend 10 minutes in meditation Either a standing or sitting pose, and think on your vision as if you were already there. Personally I like to take the standing Yoga or first step Tai Chi pose.

Don't try to change everything all at once. Just pick a couple of things and sometimes you will find other things fall into place naturally. For example if one of your goals is to get fit and shed some pounds (or gain them). Trust me, if you pick getting fit the diet will fall into place. It's hard to do cardio kick boxing on a full belly of junk food. The thought of greasy pizza and power cycling…. I don't think so! If you picked trimming down, then I can assure you as the pounds eliminate you will feel better and move more naturally. Your body wants to move naturally. Lift the weights and you'll be wanting to strut that stuff in no time. And, if you are needing to bulk up and gain weight I'm sure you will be power lifting at night to get those HGH's going.

Maybe your goal is to grow your business online. Same thing applies. Some actions just naturally lead to others. If you start growing your social circle by creating some content and you start to get to know your audience by actively reading their comments and posts and interacting with them, you will get better at reaching more people since you will be more aware of their needs. You will naturally start to create better content. It's a full circle. But I will caution you to pick one maybe two social channels to really work on. If you try to pick too many you will do them all half ass. How do you pick the one for you? Here is some sage advice 🙂

So what actions will you be taking in the next thirty days? Fell free to share them below.

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Get over it!

GetOverItYou will never get “over it” so stop trying! Besides, that's not the point of it. Ever notice how we walk “through” the forest? We don't try to get over the trees. We would miss all of the benefits of experiencing the full beauty of the forest if we went over it.

I don't know why people think they need to get over life events or why anyone would ever tell them to.  I am sure the intention of someone saying “get over it” is their attempt to tell  you not to linger in pain and suffering. Over is defined as above, on, upon, and even covering. But “Over” is a form of avoidance since you are not resolving anything. You aren't learning from it and if you aren't resolving and learning then the chances are higher that you will continue to meet the same challenges repeatedly until you learn.

sequoia-274158_1920 Plants take root in order to thrive and grow. They must dig into the earth not lay over the earth. The tallest tree on the planet is the Sequoia Semperviren or Coastal Redwood. Towering over 300 feet, their roots may go only as deep as 6 feet but they may span as wide as a football field.

Now I am not one to linger in the past, but I had my share of trials and tribulation in my life and I am certain I will have trials in my future. That is life. I used to think “oh I need to get over this or that” But the truth is, no matter what I would do there it was. Sometimes those challenges would rise up again and again almost relentless. One day I finally realized. I would never get over them and that wasn't the point. The point was to learn from and work through the challenge and resolve for a solution. This is where the strength comes and this is a big part of your unique identity and what gives you the ability to help others. .

Sequoia_sempervirens_Big_Basin_Redwoods_State_Park_5 The Coastal Redwoods first showed up during the Jurassic period. The oldest living Redwood  today is well over 2,200 years old. There are  2 ways to start a Redwood; seed or sapling. In order to  have a seed take root, it must go through a fire.

No matter who you are, you will go through difficult times as well as times of great joy. Peaks and valleys. We will all go through it. We don't all go through the same thing and even if we did go through the same thing, we don't all grasp the same lessons. But here is the thing, if you go through them, not over or around or under, but through them then you will come out stronger on the other side . That is the point after all. To go through a challenge and come out of it stronger and wiser on the other side.

RedwoodForest Once a tree takes root and grows, it  strengthens itself  though climate changes, forest fires, times of drought,  and any number of biological predators.

As we come into our full potential these life lessons come in to support us with strength and conviction.   You may not know why at the time as some of life lessons aren't called upon until much later. When I was a child, I had no way to know the painful events would give me such strength years later. Working through the challenges required that I let go of the pain and the suffering.  I had to clear the negative feelings in order to find the positive life lessons. These experiences that would be called upon much later in life sprung from those painful events all the way back to my childhood.

RedwoodFireSproutRS_000 A mature Redwood can sprout buds that  will grow into full trees. Or if a branch drops,  trees can grow from that branch. And those trees  can do the same. so you can see how the one tree  can end up host to an entire colony of trees.  Unlike the Aspen of Colorado,  the Redwoods develop their own roots,  but they are tightly integrated which gives them added protection.

So rather than trying to get over it, start learning from it and growing through it. You will come out stronger and more rooted into who you are and what you are here to do and offer.


Did you get the parallel story of the tree? Dig in and take root to weather any challenge. Learn and grow from it then go out and help to strengthen others from the lessons you gained.


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Meditation, The Why, How, Where, and When of it

Meditation, Why do itMeditation WHW416

I was on a coaching call with one of my new clients and the topic of regular routines came up. I am a firm believer in establishing at least a couple of rituals that are devoted just to the individual. I wasn't always aware of this. Especially when I first launched my company. I would burn the midnight oil and wake up before the crack of dawn. There were lots of days I was grateful just to get a shower.

But I learned, as a business owner with several business streams, it is important that I take care of myself or I will fall apart. I am here to serve and it does take a toll. While I love what I do and I am passionate about it, it would be a huge disservice to others if I did not take care of the core assets. So one of the first things I drill into my new clients, is to establish a daily routine that has them in the center.

The first thing I ask is if they have a regular practice of meditation. At times I get stunned silence as the response. Now, I am not here to be New Agey or to preach any religious dogma. But the act of meditation can have a profound impact on the individual. Spending time centering and focusing and quieting the mind can help us drive down our blood pressure, gain perspective on priorities, and adds to our general feelings of well being. And a focused centered mind that is clear is very powerful.

Meditation, What is it?

Meditation is a time to quiet the mind. <period. End of Statement> This practice is as old as time itself and is often closely tied to spiritual practices as well and many religious practices have their own version or ritual practice. But does it have to be spiritual? No. The act of Deep Meditation is to simply quiet the mind.

There is also a form of Meditation that is Mindful. This is when you quiet all other mental noise and think only on the act you are doing. For example, preparing a meal for you or your family. You would focus all intent and all awareness on the carrot you are preparing or the celery you are dicing or the potato you are peeling.  Musicians and artists tend to gravitate to this as well as chefs and athletes. For this particular customer, I told them to strum the cord of G. We can add D and C down the road. 🙂

The other one would be Meditation in Motion. This is when you are moving but you doing more than moving, you become both focused and fluid at the same time. Martial arts is a good example and so is dance or even endurance or body building training.  In fact, athletes tend to phase from one to the other form very fluidly. When I was a marathon runner, I used all three techniques of meditation a great deal.

Meditation, How to do it

Simple! At least it can be. There are lots of ways to go about it and many practitioners who will teach you their ways. Some sessions take longer than others and some have a high level of ritual around it. But the truth is, meditating is as easy as breathing.  At the heart of all meditation practice, that is it: let go of the active dialog in your mind and focus on your breathing. Breath inhale and release exhale. The rest is noise or filler.

Most people think they need to do something special or ritualistic. They have special poses and special pillows to sit on and incense to burn and chimes to ring. You can do this if you want to and I do on occasion. In fact I love the spiritual meditation practices but I don't have time for that every day.

The real secret in any form of meditation is the Eyes. What do you do with your eyes. Well, for deep meditation you don't close your eyes you just relax the eyelids and set your gaze to a focal point in the near distance and let it fall out of focus. For mindful mediation, you focus your eyes and your mind on the object you are centering on.For Meditation in Motion, it depends.

Meditation, Where to do it?

photo-1427348693976-99e4aca06bb9SMLSome people think you need to be in a special surrounding. It often evokes images of nature and the outdoors. Tranquil lakes and flowing streams or big puffy clouds. These are lovely images but I live in the city and I can't get to the countryside every day. Meditate where you are.  It is splendid to sit under a 300 year old Redwood in the peaceful forest, but I can't get there every day and  you really do want to carve out at least 10 minutes a day to meditate. Every day!

Two things you learn when running  busy life, leveraging and multitasking! This applies to everyone, even if you are not running your own company or trying to get your business off the ground. To fit my 10 minutes of meditation in on a daily basis, I multitask. We all do things every day that don't require our mental focus so I use those times to spend time quieting my mind. It's a form of Meditation in Motion.

Here are a list of ideas of when and where you might be able to fit in 10 minutes of meditation:

  • Riding a commuter train or bus. Notice I did not say driving. You cannot meditate or should not try to when you are operating a ton of powered steel that can kill.
  • Household chores: Washing dishes, vacuuming, dusting, etc……
  • Preparing a meal (this can also be a great time to practice Mindful Meditation)
  • Personal grooming time: Shower, shaving, and any number of activities that don't require thought.
  • Hot Tub or Bath time is perfect if you are a tub person or you have access to a hot tub.
  • Fitness training: Depending on the fitness activity you could do a releasing meditation or a mindful meditation.
  • Walking or Running: Try doing these on your own and using this time to meditate. You can't meditate and carry on a conversation. People will notice if you have tuned them out.
  • Waiting for an appointment, get there early so you can meditate before you go in.

There are lots of opportunities for you to create in your day so no excuses. Oh, one word of advice, try no tot pick the time someone is trying to interact with you as a time to “tune out” and meditate! There is always time in you day to meditate for at least 10 minutes. You can choose Deep Meditation, Meditation in Motion, or Mindful Meditation. 

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Keep your Cool!

toolbox_JLSA tool is just a tool. They are important in order to build anything, but they are tools and there is usually more than one tool to get the job done. Social media sites are tools, that's it, just tools to help us build our business' by expanding our social reach. And just like building tools, there are several social media tools you can use.

Every once in a while I hear people saying they don't like this or they don't like that social site. Or this site works better than that site. Some even take the conspiracy approach and insist the owners of a social media channel have it “out for them”. The tool doesn't know you even though you may feel like it does.

When there are a billion plus users, do you really think they know you? These sites operate on auto pilot using sniffing algorithms. These sniffers make logic decisions based on input then send alerts based on rules programmed in. Every once in a while, someone trips the algorithm and they may land themselves themselves in a suspended mode or in some form of probation. While it hasn't happened to me yet, I am sure it will one day.

But the key thing is to keep your cool. Don't get upset frustrated or p'd off because it is just a tool. No, they are not out to get you. If you end up in a time out just focus on other tools and other channels while you do the time for whatever crime they think you did. If, for some reason, you get voted off the island, then switch to another channel. You can always figure out a way to get back in later on.

A wise person once told me “Don't get upset unless your name is on the shingle”. What that means is if you don't own the tool then don't get emotional about it. It's just a tool and today's world, you have so many media channels to communicate through that you won't run out! Stock your toolbox with as many tools as you can. Digital real estate doesn't cost anything

If you plan on building on-line you will want to be in a channel or two or three or four or….. The main thing is to test a few and find what works the best for you.

But don't get to comfortable or confident there unless you own the tool and the channel because things can change on a dime.

And one more note; don't give up or abandon a channel completely/. You may find your interest in a channel can change over time and with experience. Ones you thought you could not live without may turn into ones you have no interest in and ones you thought would never work, turn into gold mines for you down the road.

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Move that damn dam!

Warning: This post is designed to make you think, not to give you the answer. Elwha2

A friend of mine pointed me to a story of the Elwha River and the dam removal project. It is a very impressive story and I highly recommend you take a moment to read it. Here is the link for you: Elwha River Roaring back to life  The 45 mile of mountain river had been blocked from its natural flow by Hydro dams for over a century. Since the dam had been built over a century ago, they did not have the same environmental requirements so in addition to all of the other natural damage to the landscape, it blocked over 70 miles of natural spawning habitat. A small group of people pulled together to have the dam removed. Against all odds, they won the battle.

ElwhaLowerThey blew up the dam in 2011, the largest dam removal project in the world! In only 4 years it is amazing to see the transformation as nature returns to repair the years of damage. In only 4 years the fish population has been the highest they have seen in over 30 years. Birds are larger and healthier. There are so many more signs of rapid restoration but there was another point really struck me.
Nature had created (or rebuilt) an entire beach front to protect its shore. Grain by grain a sandy near shore was created. So, in case the significance didn't hit you since we aren't all “beach” people, a beach front  can reduce storm damage to coastal structures by dissipating energy across the surf zone, protecting upland structures and infrastructure from storm surges, tsunamis and unusually high tides. So a sandy beach is a pretty big deal to a natural habitat not just for us to build sand castles and hang out. Natures way of looking out for the habitat. .

So what does all this have to do with you striving to build your business? Tons! Imagine your journey to build your business is like the river. Just like nature, we have a natural flow or drive. Some may call it a purpose beyond our own existence,  a calling, a service, or just something we feel in our bones we were meant to do. Maybe it's as simple as just wanting to make a difference in a grander way than what your traditional job would allow. It's a drive that is deep in your core that when you follow it, you feel in balance. It's kind of like that little fire in your belly and you just have to follow it.

Just like the dam in the story of the river, there are obstacles preventing you from fully realizing your dreams. Some are blocks put in by our own design. When we are blocked by obstacles, by choice or circumstance, our world is redirected and the landscape of our life is changed to something that never feels “right”. Kind of like that j.o.b. we have all had or maybe you still have.

What dams do you have in your way blocking you or holding you back? Who put the dams there? Why are they there? Are you ready to let them go?

In life and in business, some dams are built for us, others are only started and we add to them, and others we put up ourselves.

Now. imagine the dams were blown up and the path were made clear for you to flow with your natural drive. You could build your landscape and make your dreams a reality. to follow your natural course. Resources flock to you in abundance and you have all the tools at your fingerElwha_returns tips. As you learn to master the tools and grow your skills, new ideas take root and grow. And as you grow and gain strength you provide support and abundance to others so they can follow their natural course. With each breath you breath in and exhale your eco-system grows stronger and you are adding a grain of sand to your own beach head.

I leave you with this quote:

“Big things can happen if people persevere,” ~ Mike McHenry, biologist with the Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe

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