Branding yourself (Part 1)

How do you BRAND YOU?  Step 1

branding yourself in business Step 1
The importance of branding yourself in business

When we think of the word Brand in business, we think of large corporations. Monstrously large captains of industry well known with a high level of recognition. So many of them do it so well that you only need to see the swoop check mark and you know who it is and what they are about and who their customers are and why you would want to be one. But we never think of ourselves as a Brand, yet personal brands are not a new concept. If you read poetry in school, I am almost certain you could differentiate the prose of Shakespeare to Poe. If I just say the name Beyonce, you already know what that pop diva is all about and the type and quality of her music. If I were to ask you to go to a movie directed by M. Night Shyamalan, you would know is was going to keep you on the edge because that is what he is known for. You have a brand you just might not be aware of it and all you need to do is tap into it in order to define it.

So what is a brand?

I have read so many definitions but it all boils down the this one simple sentence. A Brand can be defined as : Unique ____ that identifies a ___ and differentiates it from the competitors. You can fill in the blanks with lots of things for example; copy/service, logo/product, image/company, sound/band, look/model, symbol/company, prose/author,  etc…. You get the idea. So when we say brand yourself in business, this is what we are talking about. Your unique identifiers that differentiate you from everyone else. In other words, who you are and what you stand for. I have both, a personal brand and two consumer product companies that I own and run with two unique brands. I was also the key creative and co-founder of a non-profit. I have helped others create brands from the ground up and I have helped some evolve a brand for established companies. So I think it is safe to say that I am very keen on brands and what they mean.  I have experienced firsthand the importance of having a solid grasp of your brand from the beginning of an enterprise.

Easy to brand a product

In some respects, branding a product or a service is a tad bit easier. Probably because the product or service already has some form of identity based on its role in service. For example if I said that I was starting a tea company, there is already some pre-conceptions you can make towards branding and even in defining the customer (we'll save market share for another post). How about a car company? A training company? Once you pick the product or service then it is a matter of asking more defining questions. Let's stick with the tea company. We would ask what kind of tea? Is it a diet tee, a bedtime relaxing tea, a pleasure tea, a detoxifying tea, etc… Then once that was narrowed down we would start asking a couple of other questions like is it lose leaf or convenient bag? Sold in bulk or subscription or buy when you want it? Who do I think will want this tea? With these few simple questions I can actually start to define the brand and it is all central to the product. Green Tea

So our hypothetical company is a Green Tea that is known for its detoxifying and weight loss benefits. Our tea is sold in convenient single use pouches and so that you never need to worry about running out, you can subscribe and we will deliver it to your door every month rain or shine. BOOM. I can take that and run with it. So could you. Easy to see who would buy it and why and what triggers to pull to get people to want it. Piece of cake, but people are a bit more complicated.

The Why and the What of you

You are not a bag of tea! How would you even begin to brand yourself? The process is the same but the questions you need to ask are different and require looking deep inside yourself to answer. When I work with my clients, we go deep and get real which isn't always easy. But in the end the brand matches and makes building a business so much easier. Here are a few question you can start to ask to begin the process:

Why are you? What makes you different? What makes you alike? What motivates you? Why did you choose this path? How did you get here? What is your passion? What intrigues you? What makes you smile? Frown? What gets you defensive? What causes stress? How does the world around you view you? What are you good at? What do you hate to do? What do you find yourself always doing?

When I work with my clients, I tend to go way back into their past. Why? Because so much of who we are today is the sum of where we have been from the very beginning. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has heard the we spend a lifetime getting over our past. I tend to believe our past helped shape us and there is little to get over when you keep the positive and use it as your strength. As an adult, I can honestly say that all the experiences (good and bad) have made me. Once you finish this step, you will be ready for step 2.

But what is you don't have a company

For those of you in MLM or Affiliate marketing, building your own brand separate from the product or service you are selling is paramount to your future security. You do not own the company you are selling and at any given time, the owners of that company can change policy and procedure which will affect you.

For many people who sign on to one company, they often sign on with others. It's a more solid way to leverage their future since they do not own the product or service company. So having your own brand and leading with that instead will help you secure a long and happy future. You should own the relationships you create while building your network of customers and down channels.

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What if…

VIP All Access to Change your lifeWhat if you had a 30 day pass to create real change in your life? Someone gave you an “All Access Pass” to do whatever you needed to do to make a real and significant difference for your life. Whether it is personal development, personal relationships, professional career, business training, leadership skills, spiritual, learning, etc…. Basically, any area of your life the you would want to effect a change (small or large) to propel yourself forward. What would you do?

I had the opportunity to attend an event recently and it really had me thinking about the great “What if”. So many times people think they have no opportunity or that time has passed by or they lack knowledge or any number of excuses we can use. Then we longingly say “What if….. and dream about what could be. But this is where we often stop ourselves. We get so caught up in the long term goal that we lose focus on the here and now. But now is where you give birth to the future.

So how do you begin to change the “What If” to the “What IS”. I am giving you your VIP 30 Day All Access Pass no charge, no hooks, no secrets. This is your 30 day free pass to start to make your What If a What IS. Here is what you need to do next:

  • Create the vision of where you want to be in 6 months.
  • Pick an area or two that you want to create dramatic and lasting change in.
  • Work out your plan.
  • Take immediate action.
  • Spend 10 minutes in meditation Either a standing or sitting pose, and think on your vision as if you were already there. Personally I like to take the standing Yoga or first step Tai Chi pose.

Don't try to change everything all at once. Just pick a couple of things and sometimes you will find other things fall into place naturally. For example if one of your goals is to get fit and shed some pounds (or gain them). Trust me, if you pick getting fit the diet will fall into place. It's hard to do cardio kick boxing on a full belly of junk food. The thought of greasy pizza and power cycling…. I don't think so! If you picked trimming down, then I can assure you as the pounds eliminate you will feel better and move more naturally. Your body wants to move naturally. Lift the weights and you'll be wanting to strut that stuff in no time. And, if you are needing to bulk up and gain weight I'm sure you will be power lifting at night to get those HGH's going.

Maybe your goal is to grow your business online. Same thing applies. Some actions just naturally lead to others. If you start growing your social circle by creating some content and you start to get to know your audience by actively reading their comments and posts and interacting with them, you will get better at reaching more people since you will be more aware of their needs. You will naturally start to create better content. It's a full circle. But I will caution you to pick one maybe two social channels to really work on. If you try to pick too many you will do them all half ass. How do you pick the one for you? Here is some sage advice 🙂

So what actions will you be taking in the next thirty days? Fell free to share them below.

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To sell or not to sell, that is the confusion! 2 tactics to outsell every time

OutSellI was on a coaching call with one of my clients recently. We were talking about selling and marketing. They had gotten all twisted up around selling to the point of paralysis. They lost their way in conflicting advice and so many well intentioned people adding to the confusion by saying not to sell. Truth is you have to sell and they were selling you a line when they told you, you wouldn't have to sell.

Look, it's pretty simple and the rules are universal for any type of business you may be in. Business' exist to make money and in order to make money you need to sell. It doesn't matter if you are a service or a product business, you need revenue to operate.  Your company will not survive without it. So how are you going to get it? By exchanging products or services for money and that exchange is called a sale. You must sell!

So why do so many people get twisted around the four letter word if it is so important? There are probably more than one reasons for it. But it all boils down to one thing, conditioning.

When you first think of the word sales, you probably envision some insincere person trying every slimy trick in the book to get your money from you. From charming you into seduction with velvety voices promising you all your dreams will come true to strong arm intimidation and instilling fear to get you to buy what they are selling. It's all push push push no matter what the words of the strategic position, they are all the same; obvious and pushy.

Due to bad behavior from others, we have all been conditioned to resist sales in order to protect ourselves and our wallets. As consumers we view sales from a whole different light but when you decided to build a company  it doesn't take long for you to realize, that in order to survive and thrive,  you need to sell.

But how do you do the thing you have come to scorn and run away from? Did you know that sales doesn't have to be obvious and pushy? You can sell without ever hard selling. In fact, it's arguably the only way to sell anything to the millennial crowd. And  if you want to attract the savvy client and the loyal customers, you best learn some better tactics than getting in a person's face. So many of us have been burned in the past that when pushy comes around we run the other way.

This is where the true art and talent of sales comes to play. The talent of knowing when and where to sell and how to sell without looking and feeling like you are trying to sell.  There are many strategies and many tactics you could employ . There are two that I believe if you learn to really master them, you can outsell every time you use them:

  1. Be present
  2. Offer value

Master these two and you will never miss a sale. Ever!

Being present means you are showing up consistently. Face to face or in the virtual world, keep showing up and engage with those around you. Get to know others and what their needs are. It is more about them and very little to nothing to do with you.

Then provide value for them in the products you create or the services you deliver. After all if you have been present with your customers and clients than you have a really good firsthand knowledge of what they really want and need. Put the needs of others in front of your own, offer them solutions to fill their needs and you will win their hearts every time.

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Facebook Marketing: Helping Your Online Marketing campaign

Facebook Marketing: Helping Your Online Marketing campaignEssentially, Facebook is just like your average social networking site. It provides people the chance to interact with each other, just like other sites. So how can Facebook marketing help you with your online marketing campaign? Facebook has more built-in functions that make it possible for people to connect with each other far more efficiently and more fun than any other social networking sites. That is probably why Facebook is the top dog in social networking websites today. They boast over a billion customers from all over the world logging in and out each day and millions more are continuing to subscribe for a brand-new account. So what does that mean for you and your online marketing campaigns? Although Facebook is currently terrific as a social networking site, anyone can see that this particular site has a fantastic potential for marketers promoting business.


  • People tend to linger longer
  • Posts can be readily commented on by others making them more socially engaging
  • You can use mixed media from text, text with links, imaes, and even video.

Facebook marketing programs are now being utilized by a lot of prospective entrepreneurs (and some major corporations)to promote their brands or their services for these reasons and more.  The global reach, the ease of use, and the wide acceptance of the tool makes Facebook quite a tough market to pass up if you are an advertiser. With a lot of people in one place at the very same time, you will see that this site is certainly a cash cow. The great thing about Facebook is that you will be able to find various types of individuals in different age groups with various interests. Chances are with such a diverse following, you should be able to find the right customers for you. Here are the top techniques to get social engagement from others:

  • Post interesting and valuable content on your business fan page
  • Share snippets of your blog posts on your fan page
  • Comment as your fan page on others fan pages or Facebook profile pages
  • Share posts from other pages that your customers may find valuable

What other ways can you find to promote your Facebook campaigns?

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How You Can Promote on Facebook

How You Can Promote on FacebookAs an owner of an online company, you understand that you need to market your site in the web in order for you to create targeted traffic. By adopting some simple tactics, you can regularly promote on Facebook and effectively expand your customer reach. You have to bear in mind that in order for an online company to become a success, targeted traffic is the key. With targeted traffic, you will be able to increase sales and also remain to increase the quantity of people entering your site.

Web marketing is a difficult thing to do. You will need to strive in order for you to efficiently draw in targeted traffic in your website. Nevertheless, if you desire a much easier way to market your business site in the web, you may want to think about marketing on Facebook.

First of all, Facebook is a social networking site that now has more than a billion active customers from all over the world. And the demographics range from teens to seniors from a diverse background and a wide array of interests.


So how to market your site in Facebook?

Unlike other social networking websites, Facebook will have the ability to offer you a great deal of tools that you can utilize in order to market your services or products. There are also tools you can add to your website that help you connect Facebook for better targeting your marketing efforts. With the variety of people subscribing to Facebook every day, you will absolutely generate a great deal of targeted traffic to your website.

You will have the ability to purchase a wide variety of marketing ads from mass banner advertisements to boosting a post to gain fans. You can also use ads targeted to particular individuals. The marketing ads can be acquired for as little as 5 dollars and are very easy to track and measure along the way.

The marketing and promotions tools in Facebook are vast versatile and tremendously flexible. You can easy experiment and an take advantage of the analytics to evaluate the best course for you to promote on Facebook based on the ad results. exactly what is called Next Steps if you are interested in marketing to featured groups or promotions. This tool can be inserted in your homepage with connect to a corresponding sponsored group. You can also embed advertisements within your homepage's news feeds.

The best way to promote on Facebook, and one that costs nothing, is adding value through providing rich content. If it feeds your fans, chances are they will share it in their social circles. Other effective tactics are to boost to promote your page by selecting the most popular posts. Of course there are a number of paid ads you can create and submit that will also get you exposure either directly in subscribers newsfeeds or on the sidebar.


 Keep an eye on the analytics to keep yourself in check

With all of the choices you can make, there are lots of tools to help you keep an eye on your ads and an eye on your budget. No need to break the bank on promotions that are not performing for you!

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