Believe it to achieve it

BelieveItI think I have heard this phrase so often that I am almost numb to it. So many people toss it around that it seems to have no impact on me anymore. But somebody must have caught me on the right angle with what they were saying that this phrase landed in my ear. Rather than pass it off as drivel, for some reason, I took the time to really read the words and think about each one and the totality of the statement.

I repeated it as a mantra when I was on a power walk:

Believe it to achieve it.

Believe it to achieve it.

Believe it to achieve it.

Then BAMM it hit me! I began to think on this in terms of my own life experiences. You will never get to where you want to be if you do not believe it can be achieved and, more importantly, that you can achieve it. The belief you have will limit where you go and what you do. If you believe you cannot do something and you tell yourself it enough times, you never will do that something. But there is a positive opposite to this (thank goodness). If you have the belief that you can do something then you will do it.

Why do I believe this statement on a personal level?

I don't think I did at any deep level at first. It sounded good, but come on, you can't really speak something into existence and just because you want to believe something doesn't make it real. Or does it? Here is what I did. I took the statement and then examined my life. I looked at my past and things I had accomplished that I was proud of or that I did not think I could do. It did not have to be miraculous. Then I transported myself back to the time long before the event, when the idea was a seed or when I was challenged (dared) to shoot for a goal way outside of my comfort.

I remembered how I felt and what I was thinking and I remembered chucking my preconception and allowing myself to just believe I could do it. For those events in my past, I was willing to suspend doubt.  Failure was not an option and nor was I going to back down. I believed I had achieved it already.

If you can't think of an instance in your own life, think of other great achievers who succeeded against what others may have believed. History is full of them. Edison knew he would create the incandescent light bulb, he had seen it. It doesn't matter that it took 200 plus tries. Teddy Roosevelt knew he would be President and in fact he holds the record for being the youngest president, just 42 when he took office.

How do you begin to believe?

It's like asking ‘Where do the seeds of faith take root?‘ But I believe faith and belief in things not seen come from the same place.  From deep inside where hope resides. Where you quiet the cynic and shed away years of negative programming from yourself and others around you. Where you allow for possibility. It starts with a desire, a wish, an idea, an inspiration. Once you have formed the seed, you begin to “experience ” it. You become familiar with the feelings, the texture, the visual aspects  With the right nourishing the seed takes root and becomes a deep knowing. It becomes so familiar that it's as if it has already happened or you have already achieved it. Then it's just a matter of the rest of the world catching up.

What if you are still having trouble really believing?

Sometimes you just need to trust someone else's belief and that has to get you through. I never thought I could ever run a marathon. A full 26.2 mile marathon and live to tell the tale. If you had met me, you probably would have said the same thing at the time. But I did not have to do it all on my own. Turns out someone I respected who had done it said I could and I was willing to believe him. He believed in me even though I could not see it.

So no question in my mind I could do it. I had never ran before, I had no concept of how far 26.2 miles was but I believed I could run it. After all I had 12 months to train and this guy said that was plenty of time. So before I stepped out the door and before I went anywhere in my shoes, I already had a clear vision of me running in the last half mile of a full 26.2 mile marathon and I was smiling when I did it. Janice_SiliconValleyMarathon06

Fast forward the 12 months and I did just that, not just once but several times and a few more afterwards. In my short three year marathon career, I did 4 full marathons, 3 or 4 half marathons and 2 10k fun runs. And in each one, I had enough gas in the tank to run it across the finish line, held my head up high and carry a big ‘ole ear to ear grin.

Can you achieve anything you want?

Perhaps. I do not know.  I am willing to believe so! There is physics and the physical law to contend with and my scientific rational mind would have lots of great arguments about why something is not possible. But then the artist in me awakes and says “What about Quantum physics?” All things may be possible and are happening at the same time and reality in the physical world is our manifestation and manipulation of matter. Wouldn't that be cool?! Definitely worthwhile to investigate   But for now I know I can tell you from personal experience, that beliefs do create your reality.

As far as you creating your reality, why not work in belief that it is already here?!  Is that any harder than the negative?

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